The Eee PC Gets a DVD Drive

Last week it was a rumour. Today it's a fact. The Eee PC (model 1004DN) will be the first Eee with a Super-Multi optical disc drive.

The 10-inch netbook is ordinary in every other way, loaded with the typical N280 Atom chipset (that's the newer one), 1GB RAM, 120GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. And while it may look like a bit like a Mac, from what we can tell, the body is aluminium only around the keyboard, meaning that the underside is still plastic.

The 1004DN is 1.45kg (when loaded with a 6-hour, 6-cell battery) and 3.3cm thick at its chunkiest point. It should begin shipping overseas in April, but there's no word on pricing at this time. [Asus via Electricpig]

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