The Datel Wildfire Hopes to One-Up the Dual Shock

In case you've been disappointed by the SIXAXIS or Dual Shock 3, Datel has just released the Wildfire. Yeah, it's a generic controller, but it's wielding all the standard PS3 functions and then some.

On top of tilt sensitivity, vibration and Bluetooth (we believe the Wildfire is the first dongle-less third party PS3 controller), the Wildfire features variable turbo and a design that looks like it could cut you. The only downfall on the spec sheet is its requirement of 2 AA batteries...which is probably a dealbreaker unto itself.

Since feel is everything in a controller, we'll try to get our hands on one to test. Until then, the Wildfire is available for about $US50 at various vendors. [Total Console]

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