The Chopsticks Aid Turns Chopsticks Into Forks for Lousy White People

I hate the way most white people eat Asian food: Drowning white rice in soy sauce, shoveling cream cheese-stuffed "sushi" into their mouths, pretty much the entire sorry spectacle. The Chopsticks Aid is for them.

It's a fork face that attaches to chopsticks, turning them into a fork. In case Midwestern Whitey McWhiterson is visiting his daughter in the big city and she drags him to an actually decent Japanese restaurant that's not a sorry hibachi joint populated by other middle-aged white folks applauding poorly paid knife-flipping cooks. You know, one that only has chopsticks. This will save him. Not his dignity, but at least he'll still be able to eat. Not that he deserves to. [Daily What via Serious Eats]

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