The Average PS Home Session Lasts One Hour (ORLY)

Remember the world before the PlayStation Home open beta launched? You may, because it looked a lot like the world after PlayStation Home launched. Still, Sony has some numbers they'd like to share with you:

The Facts: PlayStation Home now has 4 million registered users. Those users spend an average of 55 minutes on Home per visit.

The Truth: Registered users are not active users. I'm a registered user of PS Home, but I haven't used the service once since our original tour...for which I spent well over an hour logged in. But with these numbers Sony can still say, that guy, Mark Wilson, he's a great customer! He's a registered user! He spends about an hour online every time he loads Home! I mean, he's only come by this one time. But it was great! He wore shorts! [GameDaily via Kotaku]

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