Teenage Engineering's OP-1 Is a Sleekly Satisfying Synthesiser

The Operator 1 is a portable synth and MIDI controller that lets you sample Beyonce, work your tweaking magic, and convert your sounds instantly to MP3.

This tiny machine measures about 10 x 28cm and is less than 1.3cm thick. The OP-1 features colour-coded and user-friendly design and an OLED display. Connect the OP-1 to your laptop to control your software sequencer or use it as stand-alone synth. Transfer recorded music from your computer via the USB 2.0 port or sample beats from the handy built-in FM radio. You can also record tunes into the built-in microphone and share your work through the built-in speaker or connect external devices. Check out a sound test posted on Boing Boing. 100 pre-release OP-1's will be sent for beta-testing "when the time is right." Soon, we hope. [Teenage Engineering via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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