System 7 Kind Of, Sort Of Running On An iPhone

What does the inexplicable internet subculture of people who put old software onto new, inappropriate hardware have for us this week? System 7 on an iPhone, of course!

The MacOS iPhone project has finally managed to "port" the OS to the phone, albeit a version that first came out in 1991. I say "port" because the OS is running through QEMU emulation software, and can be launched directly from the iPhone's springboard. Basically, it's a System 7 app, which is pretty cool.

There's no text input system yet, but the OS recognises touch just fine. You can play with MacPaint, so hurray, I guess. As silly as this all may seem, it at least has a little more conceptual continuity that the Windows 3.1 on an N95 project, which also depended on QEMU, the technology that is really the star of both stories: QEMU running on the iPhone opens the door to all kinds of emulation, not just fun nostalgia projects. If fun nostalgia projects are your thing, there are plenty of photos of System 7 in action at the project page. [OSNews via Electronic Pulp via BBGadgets]

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