Sweet Songs of Zeus! Geek Anthems Sung By Tesla Coils

Sweet Songs of Zeus! Geek Anthems Sung By Tesla Coils

Zaps from tesla coils sound like old school synthesisers, so they’re the perfect instrument of delivery for 8-bit video game and geek anthems. Plus, lightning.

ArcAttack brings sexy technology back when he plays the Zelda Theme Song remixed with Justin Timberlake at Dragon*Con 2008. [ArcAttack via Vimeo via BoingBoingGadgets]

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! [myself248]

Probably one of the most recognised theme songs in the world—and a song that has probably been played on every single instrument imaginable—it would be a sin not to include a clip of Nintendo’s Mario Bros being played on singing Tesla coils too. [megavoltmeister]

Watch as Patrick from ArcAttack dresses up in a suit of chain metal and conducts the Imperial March from a Tesla coil. [darkdream11]

Although it may be smaller than the others, this Soild State Tesla Coil playing the Tetris theme song doesn’t fail to impress. [TeslaCommander]

Where in the universe is Dr. Who going to show up next? Probably at Chattacon 09 to watch ArcAttack play his theme song on a pair of Tesla coils. [joedog158]

It would be a fatality if you didn’t think listening to the Mortal Kombat theme song through musical Tesla coils is cool. FINISH HIM! [moonstar5]

Inspect her gadget? No, Inspector Gadget—on an audio-modded mini tesla coil, that is. [Norwegenkai]