Sweden's Ice Hotel Charging $US200,000 for Space Trips in 2012

So this Swedish destination, The Ice Hotel, has linked up with Virgin Galactic to begin selling space travel packages for about $US200,000, beginning in 2012. Wilson says that's cheap. I say that's relative.

Anyways, Virgin Galactic apparently linked up with five nordic travel agencies to start booking these packages, which will take off from the Swedish town of Kiruna (also home to an ESA Space Station) in 2012, when they expect the first European space tourism to begin. And even sweeter, prices are supposed to go gradually drop over time. 300 tickets have been sold so far for the trip 110 kilometers above the Earth's surface, and the Ice Hotel plans to book trips where passengers can travel through Aurora Borealis. Whoa. [The Local via Slashdot]

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