Sony Registers 'Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!' Trademark

Sony's new trademarked tagline is "HOLY INVASION OF PRIVACY, BADMAN!" It's apparently related to "games" and "optical discs." I think it might be related to "Christian Bale" and a "temper." Would explain all those caps.

There's not much else known about this newly registered trademark filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office except that it has something to do with:

Video game software; Software for computer games; Optical disc recorded video game software; Optical disc recorded computer game software; Optical disc recorded game programs for hand-held typed electronic games with liquid crystal display

Oh, what could it be? It sounds like it could be a trademark for the EULA or privacy section of DC Universe Online, the Sony-developed DC Comics MMORPG. Or something related to that game. How else is Sony thinking it can register the name Badman in any kind of trademark filing and get away with it? [USPTO via Kotaku]

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