Someday, I Want to Live in One of These Shipping Container Houses

Adam Kalkin is most recognisable for the shipping container coffee shop he designed last year for Illy. Now, Fast Company has a profile on Kalkin with a bunch of pics of his other structures.

Kalkin's prefab homes use anywhere from one to six, or sometimes even 12 shipping containers as the frame for the home. Kalkin's homes tend to range in price from $US150-$US400 per square foot, with the cheapest container house costing $US50,000. Some are very simple, merely containing a room in in a single container, where as others have whole other structures built inside them.

But despite all the architectural eye candy, I think my favourite part of the piece was an anecdote about how Kalkin once decided to shave while delivering a lecture at the Whitney museum. But I digress. Fast Company has plenty more photos, so check them out. [Fast Company]

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