Snowmodo: The Twin Parabolic Ski Concept

In the world of downhill ski races the skis' edges are everything, so designer Charlie Pyott has mocked up a Twin Parabolic Ski concept that would add four extra edges to a skis' base.

Using the same logic that makes a pair of skis better at high-speeds than a snowboard, because the skis always have two edges gripping the snow during turns, Pyott's Twin Parabolic Ski concept basically provides each ski with an extra edge. By jointing two longer and narrower skis under each foot, the design allows for more grip at high-speeds since there are more applied edges griping the snow.

Overall the experimental concept seems like a significant way to make downhill racing faster and more dangerous on a pair of skis. The idea of using adjustable joints to make the set of blades under each foot flexible is pretty interesting, and I can't help but wonder if the same concept can be applied to a snowboard in some way. [Yanko Design via DVICE]

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