Slow Computers Are the Only Reason We Still Get Breaks

In my pre-blogging profession, I used to love a good render. I'd add an extra light in After Effects or filter in Final Cut, hit Apple+R, and sip coffee while processors did my bidding.

I'd consider how exhausting work would be should computers ever keep up with the computational demands of my workflow.

Well now that I just type all day with some light Photoshop work, my computer can and does keep up with my workflow. In fact, most of the time, it's sitting here waiting on me. And my damn internet connection never goes down, ever—even if it did, I could just use a 3G card or run over to a Starbucks.

I mean, is there no God? [Eviljaymz via Hacked Gadgets]

Oh, and a big fat [sic]on the "its" before the grammar police goes nuts in the comments.

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