Shots Leak of Lenovo Pocket Yoga Netbook Concept, Looks Like it Actually Fits In a Pocket

Lenovo has let slip some official-looking (if not rendered) shots of a Vaio P-like netbook, the Pocket Yoga. UPDATED: It's just a design concept.

Granted, this is a decidedly male back pocket and not the ass-hugging skinny jeans of Vaio P ad fame. And it still looks like it's filling that zone halfway between concept and actual product (as the actual concept sketches that accompany the shots on Lenovo's Flickr stream would seem to indicate) but it does look cool, with an ultra-widescreen, apparently touchscreen display that may be able to flip around into tablet mode.

Also, look at that crazy belt clasp system. According to one of the Flickr captions, that belt also turns into a mouse. Mind blown.

All we've got not are these shots, so we'll have to see what pops up in terms of concrete details.

UPDATE: And what popped, a few hours later, was that this is just an internal design concept created two years ago by Lenovo's designers, according to Johnson Li @ Lenovo. So that's where the idea for the shape of the Vaio P came from.

[Flickr via Electronista]

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