Shot of Jailbroken iPhone Sneaks Into Apple Patent Application

Looks like somebody over at the Apple legal department has been enjoying a little Jailbreak action, because a sketch in a recent patent application includes some features a stock iPhone just doesn't have. Update:

Let's see here, we've got a custom wallpaper, that's not allowed. We've got the Installer and SMBPrefs apps, you're not going to find either of those in the Officially Apple-Controlled Apple-Permitted App Store By Apple. Update: So after reading, it turns out that this image is actually illustrating a point, and isn't a mistake. The patent explains that it covers all uses of the iPhone, including a customised background and other bonuses available to the Jailbreak community. This is interesting in itself; Apple seems to be at the least permitting Jailbreaking enough to cover it in a patent. [Engadget, thanks Travis!]

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