Sentience Intelligent Cruise Control Lets You Forget the Pedals Altogether While Driving

Driving would be way more fun if we didn't have to worry about the whole gas and brake thing, right? Sentience understands this, and their intelligent cruise control means you can finally forget about it.

Maybe I'm exaggerating just a little bit, but the tech here is really cool. Sentience will analyse the best route to get you to your destination, and then will handle all the acceleration and braking for the trip. Using GPS and mapping data, It recognises roundabouts, speed bumps, corners and even speed limits. Sentience will know when a light is about to turn red and slow down accordingly.

Even better is that this new intelligent cruise control can save anywhere from 5%-24% of fuel on any given trip. And the best part is that it could be available as soon as 2012 for "minimal additional cost." [Sentience via Gizmag]

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