Seagate's BlackArmor NAS 420/440 Can Securely Contain Up to 8TB of Encrypted Data for Small Businesses

What do the San Jose Sharks' new jerseys and Seagate's new hard drives have in common? They are both named BlackArmor, which are eponymous to Seagate's new 8TB network-attached storage (NAS) systems.

The new BlackArmor NAS 420/440 systems are network-attached storage infrastructures that can house up to four different hard drives at once, each holding a maximum of two terabytes of memory, which creates a total of either two, four, six, or eight terabytes of memory in just one system.

Intended for small companies—which support up to 50 networked computers—these BlackArmor drives were designed with both security and simplicity in mind. Proclaimed as the system with "unparalleled security, accessibility and peace of mind," it has a simple, built-in LCD screen and is meant for an easy to use, straight-out-of-the-box storage system.

Moreoever, with the BlackArmor security system, data is constantly protected because of its continuous and automatic backup abilities coupled with its full-system backup and RAID options. Furthermore, everything from individual files to entire volumes can be secured with password protection and encryption. Additional security to the BlackArmor NAS systems is so that it may be accessed through the Internet, hopefully without compromising any of its data.

Scheduled for release in May, the 2-terabyte BlackArmor NAS 420 will be available for $US799.99, while the BlackArmor NAS 440 network servers will cost $US1,200 for 4-terabytes, $US1,700 for 6-terabytes, and $US2,000 for 8-terabytes.

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