Rumour: Palm Pre Beta Tester Gives April 30th as Planned Release Date

Take this with about a silo of salt: Jim Van, a Palm Pre beta tester, has Twittered that April 30th is the date of the highly-anticipated Pre's release.

Reasons why this should be believed: It's reasonable that a beta tester would have more info than the rest of us on details like the release date, and April 30th is both a feasible date and one that's soon enough for all of us waiting anxiously.

Reasons why this shouldn't be believed: Palm would certainly have an NDA, or non-disclosure agreement, with every beta tester, which is a legally binding contract. Mr. Van has absolutely no proof to support his claim, and in fact no evidence that he's even a beta tester.

We wouldn't count out this information— the date does make sense, after all, since Palm can't wait too much longer— but we also can't put too much credence in it until we see some more proof. Jim Van claims he's taken a couple shots of the device with its firmware info on display, so we'll be sure to update this post as (if) they come in. [JK On the Run]

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