Reasonably Sized Economy-Hindered OLED TVs Could Finally See Surge in 2011

We already covered how decent-sized OLED TVs are in a holding pattern due to their manufacturers reigning in spending due to the economy, but now experts at DisplaySearch know when it might end: 2011.

In fact, the DisplaySearch report goes one step beyond simply stating a year, and says that OLED technology will be the "fastest growing material application in electronics over the next eight years". But, like I said, we'll have to wait until 2011 to see any kind of surge in production.

And as a reward for our patience, OLED will explode onto the scene (every scene, apparently), with applications not only in the TV market, but military, cell phone, flexible displays, and other areas where sharp, thin and gorgeous displays are needed. Like my house. [Wired]

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