QOTD: Quantum Of Solace On DVD Or Blu-ray?

QOTD: <em>Quantum Of Solace</em> On DVD Or Blu-ray?
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I watched Quantum of Solace on Blu-ray over the weekend, and while watching the 1080p version on my 50-inch Panny plasma was an exhibition of ocular pleasure, when it came to special features, plus my current lack of surround sound, I began to wonder whether having the DVD version may have suited me just as well.You see, the special features on the Blu-ray version are somewhat, shall we say, disappointing. And with my DVD player’s ability to upscale discs to near-HD quality, I know that while the picture might not be as intense, it’s still good enough to watch. Plus, with the price difference between BD and DVD, and the fact that the 2-disc DVD has the exact same (lack of) special features as the Blu-ray version, I found myself wondering if the High-Def experience was worth it, which has never happened before.

So my question to you: Did you pick up QoS (or are you planning to pick it up) in DVD or Blu-ray format? Or are you just going to hit up iTunes?