PSP Cobra Stand, Or The Falconer 2020

Any layman can "use" a piece of electronics. But it takes a real technophile to bond with the device, like a falcon, or better still, a cobra.

The PSP Multi-shape Cobra Stand Bundle Kit, offered by Brando, is a two-part kit to hold your PSP-2000 or 3000. In one configuration, you get a tube and a suction cup. Boring! But the other configuration, you get a freaking 3-foot, waist and arm loving cobra.

With the cobra, you can wrap your PSP around almost any appendage, turning it from Pip Boy to sensual belt buckle in a matter of seconds. But proceed with caution. You never know when even the most loyal cobra will strike. And this thing's immune to your lute, or whatever. $US23. [Brando]

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