Pirate Bay Trial Watch: The Defence Rests, Reboots the Servers from the Courtroom

In the final day of the Pirate Bay trial, the defence made its closing arguments. While doing so, they rebooted the servers, which had crashed, from the court room.

Overall, the closing arguments by the defence were the same ones they made the whole trial: they never hosted or transferred any illegal content, just acted as an innocent middleman. They compared themselves to Google and telephone lines.

They also claimed that up to 80% of the content on the site is legal, which seems like a highly dubious figure to me, but the boneheaded prosecution never countered with any figures of their own, so that's the only stat we have.

As for the site itself, it was down on Monday due to a server outage. Luckily, there was Wi-Fi in the courtroom, allowing defendant Dredrik Neij to bring it back up from a laptop in the courtroom as his lawyer delivered closing arguments. Badass.

So what now? Well, the verdict is scheduled for April 17th, so we have some time to wait on this one. In the meantime? "I think we're going to go party," said defendant Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi. Oh, Pirate Bay. [Ars Technica]

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