Pilot-less Drone Makes First Kill Ever

Scratch another one on the checklist for Humanity's ultimate self-destruction. A Warrior-Alpha drone from the US Army's Odin Task Force fired against enemy forces with no pilot. The Predator variant was controlled by plain soldiers:

We know we have the capability, but we've never had the opportunity to use it before.

Those are the words of Corporal Phillip Cheng, who—together with Staff Sergeant Jerry Rhoades and Specialist James Pegg—controlled the robot to engage the enemy, fire ze missiles, and "neutralised both targets." This probably means that professional pilots are going to be out of the game, with plain soldiers having full control over infantry's aerial support. That's pretty cool.

And with "cool" I mean "we are fucked" the same way that "neutralised" means "killed." [Multinational Force via Wired]

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