Pentax X70 24x Superzoom Is First With 720p Video

Pentax's X70 is a non-DSLR with 24x Superzoom, but it's also the first of its kind to include 720p video recording.

The X70 has a 26-624mm lens, 12-megapixel sensor, 2.7-inc LCD and "Triple Shake Reduction" image stabilisation. It also has an 11fps burst mode, face detection (up to 32 of 'em at once), and a macro mode that can get in as close as a centimeter.

While it does shoot 720p video, the downside is that it only captures 15fps when doing so. But it can also shoot at 480p, QVGA and VGA resolutions.

The size and weight of the camera aren't bad—it's definitely light for it's size, and is noticeably smaller than any DSLR—but the build quality suffers a little bit. It definitely feels plasticky in the hand (part of this being it's light weight), though not entirely flimsy. It's zoom capability, however, is pretty snappy, able to go from 0x to 24x in about the time a normal point and shoot takes to go to max optical zoom. The lens seemed to focus pretty easily, and generally took photos in a quick manner.

The X70 is scheduled for an April release and will cost $US400. [[email protected] 2009]

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