Peek Emailer Spotted Running a Very Fuzzy Maps App

Spotted in the wild, this Peek appears to be running a maps app. Whether it's a creative hack or a sign of things to come, the Peek might soon do more than just one thing.

Actually, the Peek currently does do more than one thing—it sends SMS messages as well as email—but this is the first non-messaging application seen for the strange little device. Adding capabilities like this would be a boon to Peekers for sure, but would also blur its identity a little bit. The Peek is meant to be extremely simple, and adding a suite of mobile data apps would essentially make it a sort of bizarre smartphone-sans-the-phone, albeit one that significantly undercuts its competitors prices for the services it offers. UPDATE: Some commenters see a weather map here, which is even more bewildering. Perhaps a web browser? Or just a misinterpreted email picture attachment, as the Peek has supported for some time now? [Slashgear]

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