Palm Pre Beta Tester Reports Tethering Is Back In Action

When Palm included tethering on the Pre spec sheet, we were happy. Then they took it away, and we were sad. Now, by way of a purported beta tester, the functionality could be back again.

Says Jim, the "Pre beta tester" and CEO of IT firm Logicomm:

"It tethers, tho I'm going 2 try a BT hookup instead... "

'Pre linked right up with FiOS Wi-Fi, but doesn't seem 2like Presario' s BT adapter...Cam's ok, but I'm spoiled by 8mb res Canon #Palm Pre'

'BTW - heard frm source (not Sprint) that Pre price tag 2 be $US299 with 2 year it's $US100 or so after all the hype wears off"

That's right. There's some pricing and contract info in there too, intermixed with a clever little jab about hype. Oh, Jim, you rapscallion, you.

Since it's unconfirmed, and was delivered by a strange man via Twitter, of all places, you should simply consider this some light Sunday rumour wrangling. Enjoy it, nevertheless. [Prethinking - Thanks, Philip!]

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