Oregon Trail iPhone Game Hands On

If someone told me in 1987 that Oregon Trail would be played on a three-inch touchscreen device with better graphics and improved music, I'd have slapped them in the face. It's here.

My memory's not so good that I can remember what Oregon Trial was like 22 years ago, but this is pretty much what I'd picture a "re-imagining" of the game to be like. It's like Battlestar Galactica—the same robots, but way sexed up.

The basic concept is the same: Drag your poor family on an almost-certainly deadly trip to Oregon by way of ox-powered wagon. You can control your speed, see where you're headed and stop to rest when one of your kids breaks an arm. But what you want are the mini games. They're still there.

Hunting is still pretty damn satisfying, but instead of using a D-pad to point the guy in one of eight directions, you move around and shoot by tapping on the ground and animals, respectively. And yeah, killing squirrels and rabbits are as satisfying as they were all those years ago. I didn't get a chance to off a buffalo, but I did find a dead one lying by the side of the road. Still fresh!

I also got to enjoy floating down a river with the iPhone's accelerometer while collecting coins and avoiding rocks. Fishing was also pretty fun, as was hammering nails into a board in a DDR-type music section.

In short, if you've ever played Oregon Trail as a kid, you need to get this. It's only $US6. I only got a chance to play a little of the game, so there should be lots more adventure and dysentery left to explore. [Apple]

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