Optus Gets Naked, Bundles DSL With Mobile Plans

naked mole rat.jpgLike the geeky kid who snuck into the party, siphoned off some beer and after a glass and a half became drunker than Russell Crowe on Grand Final day, Optus has decided to go for a skinny-dip in the pool of Naked DSL. But instead of offering a VoIP home phone option like iiNet and Internode, they've decided to bundle their Naked plans with mobile phone contracts.The Naked plans start at $60 a month for 7GB of data, or $50 a month if you bundle with a mobile phone contract. If that's not enough data for you, there's 15GB for $70/$60 (with mobile) per month, or 30GB for $100/$110 (with mobile) per month.

On top of that, the Telco has decided to offer "month-to-month" broadband plans, which allow customers to get online without signing up for a 24-month contract. The catch here is that you have to sign up to either an Optus home phone or post-paid mobile contract to be eligible. Pricing is similar to the naked offerings with the bundled mobile contract.

Now the obvious question is whether or not getting Naked is enough to turn Optus from geek to chic in the mobile internet fraternity. That, and whether or not they'll actually use the naked mole rat in their advertising campaign. Let's hope not.


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