Only The Poetic Will Win A Resident Evil 5 LE Xbox 360 Bundle

Only The Poetic Will Win A <em>Resident Evil 5</em> LE Xbox 360 Bundle

ImageThe way to victory with our RE5 Limited Edition Xbox 360 bundle competition is fraught with danger – mostly in the form of not adhering to the competition rules…As much as we love the long, loving poetry and songs written about fragging zombies with your mad Xbox skills, to even be in with a shot at winning, you’ll need to write a Haiku. If you’re unfamiliar with the traditional oriental poetry styling, click here for a detailed run down.

Also remember to include the words “zombie” (or “zombies”), “red” and “Xbox”.

To try your hand at winning the prize, click through to the original competition post here and enter your haiku in comments.

Full T&Cs can be found here (pdf).