OnLive Demos Streaming Games: Yes, That's Crysis on Integrated Graphics

I'll grant that OnLive—the streaming game service that its makers claim will bring high-end games to virtually any PC or TV—borders on implausible, but you gotta beliiieevve! For the haters, here's a demo video.

Plenty is discussed here, and it's worth watching all the way through if you were at all intrigued by yesterday's announcement. The genuine boner moment is at around 15:00, when a lowly Dell Studio 15 plays Crysis without even flinching. The presenters discussed latency and did their best to demonstrate that OnLive does provide the same experience as a proper gaming machine, but until the service rolls out it'll be impossible to tell if this is true. If the games feel even slightly laggy it'll be a huge blow—OnLive will live or die by a few milliseconds. [Gamespot]

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