OLPC to Ditch Old Friend AMD for ARM-Based Processors

Despite being an original sponsor of the OLPC project, AMD processors will not be used in the upcoming XO-2 touchscreen netbook. Instead, in an interesting move, ARM chips will take on the computing load.

OLPCs CTO Ed McNierney said in an interview today that the 5 watts of power used by the XO is too much for them. By switching to an ARM processor in the XO-2, they could get that number down to under a watt. This would benefit factors such as battery life considerably.

But on the other end of the spectrum, Windows doesn't really work without an x86 processor, which means that in all likelihood, the OS will be some sort of Linux variant. Not that's necessarily a bad thing: the upcoming Touch Book from Always Innovating also uses an ARM processor, and puts down some serious battery life in addition to rendering 3D graphics in OpenGL.

But we're still to far away from the late 2010 release of the XO-2 to start talking specifics. [PC World via Electronista]

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