NSFW: Best Buy Customer Gets Free, Hilariously-Titled Porno With Purchase of DVD Player

There are some serious issues at work here: Best Buy sold a machine as new when it obviously wasn't, and that's no good. But the proof is so gloriously graphic, I'm tempted to overlook it.

This customer bought a supposedly new DVD player from Best Buy, and when he came home, he found not only that the product was used, but that the proof was a DVD left in the drive with the not-even-trying-to-be-clever name of Buckets O' Cum. It's pretty shady tactics for the retailer to be repackaging returned products for full price, and it shouldn't be acceptable. But if you're going to screw up and leave the smoking gun, so to speak, in the product, it might as well be something that'll bring a few giggles to the customer you're taking advantage of. So to speak. [Consumerist, very NSFW photo here]

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