Nikon D400 DSLR Surfaces on Nikon Germany Site With 15.3MP Sensor, Full HD Video

Camera nerds, this is exciting. Just a couple of days after Canon's 500D pops up, Nikon's D400 supposedly made an appearance on Nikon's German site. And the specs are just what you'd expect.

It's got a 15.3-megapixel sensor with a standard ISO range of 200-6400, 6FPS bursts, and yes children, full HD video recording, which would make it Nikon's first to shoot in 1080p. In other words, a pretty solid bump of the current D300, the main new hotness being the addition of full HD video.

That is, if this screencap isn't a Photoshop. The specs are a little different what was rumoured a few months ago—but both are pretty plausible. Even if it's a fake, the noise is starting to build, so there's likely something to the D400 whispers, since Nikon's not the best at keeping secrets. [Nikon Rumors]

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