Nike Wii Blazer: White Because the Wii Is Also White

If the NES Air Max sneakers weren't your thing, then maybe you'll appreciate the Wii Blazers. But if not, Nike will release every Nintendo f'ing console in shoe form until you buy one.

While the Nintendo Wii innovated with the motion-controlled Wiimote, the Wii Blazer innovates with a clever white colour scheme and a well-suited ostrich print. Nintendo shoe aficionados will also appreciate the incorporation of the Wii's power button, meticulously stitched by the finest third world child labour on the tongue.

The cynical amongst you may see this shoe as a ridiculously easy way to make money. But when you really examine the details, I mean, really examine them, you'll see that this shoe is not just a shoe. It's the product of a student who should have flunked out of design school making it in the competitive world of high-top fashion. The Wii Blazer is, in short, the American dream. [Weekly Drop via Kotaku]

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