News Flash: TV Won't Make Your Baby Smarter, Idiots

You know what's the saddest thing about a study proving that television is not good for small children? A bunch of Harvard researchers had to waste their time and funding to prove it.

According to a new 800-participant joint study by Children's Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School, before the age of three, DVDs like "BabyGenius," "Brainy Baby" and "Baby Einstein" are of no cognitive benefit to children.

Unbelievable, we know. But it gets worse.

Another study published recently in Paediatrics points out that not only is this video content not beneficial—it could even hinder the development of your child. Children who watched such DVDs were found to have smaller vocabularies than those who didn't.

A Boston researcher from the Paediatrics-published study explained:

At the very best, they steal time from much more productive cognitive developmental activities. Ultimately, what it's about is to make parents not feel guilty about an electronic baby sitter.

And things don't get any better if you hit the link and read the whole story. [CNN]

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