New Aeroplane Interior Design Allows for Romantic Dinner for Two

While you and I try to eat our plastic-wrapped dinner in cattle class, first class passengers in Swiss International's flights would be able to chat up passengers and invite them to their table for two.

The new design—which will debut in their new A330 airplanes—is quite a change from traditional my-cabin-is-my-oyster first class designs. According to the airline, it's more "architectural" which goes with the "design language of the brand." According to Paul Estoppey, senior manager and head of cabin interior development for Swiss International:

Our product drive is primarily intended to [lots of corpospeak here]I think that in the context of the current economic climate there may be opportunities for [blah blah blah. blah]while at the same time maintaining very high levels of comfort.

Quick translation: "New seat for rich people. The rest of you please keep eating your cardboard chicken." [Flight Global]

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