Mythbusters Explosion Breaks Windows, Tosses Women Off Couches

The Mythbusters' passion for explosions got a little out of hand earlier this week when they detonated 500 pounds of ammonium nitrate a mile outside of Esparto, California. Perhaps two miles would have been better.

The segment was intended to discover whether it was possible, as the saying goes, to knock someone's socks off. I don't know about the socks, but the resulting explosion did manage to break windows throughout Esparto and toss one very suprised woman off her couch. Afterward, she claimed that the experience was "fun, really fun."

What a trooper.

At any rate, the Mythbusters crew replaced all the windows that same day and the sentiment around town about the incident seems to be generally positive (despite the fact that no one in the town was informed of the taping beforehand). There is no word on when the episode might air, but I'm setting my DVR to record as we speak. Should be an interesting episode. [KCRA via Crunchgear]

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