Multitouch Hacked Onto Nokia 5800 For The Noble Purpose of Rhythm Gaming

Even if it's packaged as yet another Guitar Hero clone, it's always nice to see multitouch appear where it wasn't meant to. The Nokia 5800 is the latest device to cave to multi-finger temptations.

Developer Jamie Fuller somehow managed to coax the 5800 XpressMusic's resistive display to recognise multiple touch points at once, showing off the results in a simple rhythm game. It doesn't look like he's pulled off a full multi-point tracking, so the pinch zooming and two finger rotation that we all associate with most multitouch tech isn't seen here. But still! Multitouch! On a 5800!

With any luck, an enterprising developer will come along and figure out how to patch Fuler's tech into the whole of S60. [Symbian Freak]

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