Mobile Visor Confirms That You Are, In Fact, Looking At Porn

So you say you're a somewhat shady person, but you really want to confirm that trait for anyone who's still on the fence about you. Enter the Mobile Visor. It'll do the trick. Easy.

Before the visor, people might have simply guessed that you were surfing porn on your mobile while at work.

"Well, his face is flush," they'd think to themselves, "and he's sweating a bit too much for such a cool day in the office, but maybe he's just walked up a flight or stairs or something."

But then, after you attach this loud, outrageous $US9 black thing to your Blackberry, you will have confirmed what you're really up to, and then some.

Either that, or you're the world's most paranoid business executive or pencil pusher. Whatever. It's bad news all around. [New PC Gadgets via Gear Diary]

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