Mindblowing Buildings In the Sky May Solve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Architecture student Viktor Ramos has a brilliant idea that may be the key to the Israel-Palestinian Gordian Knot: Instead of building grim walls or tunnels, create livable bridges so two states can live together, superposed.

Can architecture make Israel and Palestine coexist peacefully together? Sounds like a pie in the sky proposition—no pun intended—but given the resources, it may be the only way to have the two countries living together, on top and below each other.

Viktor's concept is simple, but absolute genius: Bridge the Israel and Palestinian territories with large structures that can sustain life, house people, and allow for the free transit of people, animals, and merchandise. Both countries will have bridges over each other's ground, so nobody is isolated and there's no need for populations to get through the other territories.

Obviously, this is a huge project, but if structurally possible—which looking at the current state of engineering, looks it is—it brings a new way to look at the geography of the two countries, eliminating many of the demands and catering to the needs of the population of both states. It doesn't solve other issues, but at least they solve a big part of them. [Bldgblog]

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