Microsoft's Vision For the Future Gives Me Hope For Humanity

Microsoft's five minute video on what the year 2019 will look like is pretty goddamn amazing. I want to live in this world. GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

The clip was shown at Wharton Business Technology Conference and it's called 2019. My own enthusiasm aside, it looks like Microsoft's interpolating various research technologies like Surface and who-the-hell-knows-what else into showing surfaces that can be manipulated, electronic paper, crazy video mobile phones, touchscreen/remote-control walls and amazing handheld wands. As Arthur C. Clarke says, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic," and this shit is magic.

Hit the link to see the entire 5 minutes and get your own e-boner. [I Started Something via Venture Beat]

Video: Future Vision Montage

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