Michael Atkinson Argues His Case, Says He Doesn't Trust Classification Board

Australia's video game classification system doesn't work, according to Michael Atkinson, the South Australian Attorney-General and chief opponent of the introduction of an R18+ category. In a letter to Kotaku today, the minister claimed he "doesn't trust" the Classification Board to do their job properly and claims that the current MA15+ category is being stretched to the limit to accommodate the games industry's publishers.

Atkinson also revealed to Kotaku the reasons why the proposed discussion paper on the issue has been delayed for the past year. Kotaku had heard previously that it was Atkinson himself who had failed to deliver his feedback on the draft paper set for public consultation. But the minister now accuses his fellow Attorneys-General of stalling over proposed changes to the paper.

One thing you can't accuse the minister of is failing to engage the issue, as he also took time to respond to a host of Kotaku reader comments. While some may accuse him of "trolling", it's refreshing to see a state politician willing to dive into the debate.

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