Mamiya's $US20k, 33-Megapixel DL33 Medium-Format Digital Is Beautiful

Medium format wizards Mamiya are continuing their legacy of huge-sensored digicams with the new DL33—33 megapixels spread across a 36mm x 48mm sensor, which is twice the size of a full-frame DSLR's chip.

As you know, sensor size and performance is the far more important factor governing image quality in digital photography. So the DL33 has crazy-wide dynamic range capturing at 16-bits per channel,—12 stops worth, which is a measure of exposure stops between the darkest and lightest areas that can be captured accurately at the same time. (For more on dynamic range, check out our HDR tutorial). The RAW files this sensor spits out are around 67MB, with a 16-bit TIFF weighing in at 190MB.

The upgrade comes way of a new 33-megapixel Aptus-II 7 Digital Back from Leaf, mated to an improved Mamiya 645AFD III body. I love my old Mamiya C330 TLR, so I wish I was a fashion or studio photographer who could write this off, because there's something about medium-format photography that gets me hard. [Mamiya via Photography Blog]

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