Make Perfect Ice Cream with the $3US5,000 NitroCream N2-G4

You could freeze ice cream with about 10-cents of liquid nitrogen and a bowl. Or, you could use the luxurious $US35,000 NitroCream N2-G4.

On one hand, the NitroCream N2-G4 needs no freezers or water lines. It's incredibly simple, just mixing liquid nitrogen in with your sugar cream base. On the other, it's pretty much a glorified Kitchen Aid mixer with a liquid nitrogen pump.

But OK, my dark consumer heart still craves this gadget that will put your fancy Italian espresso maker to shame, while simultaneously eliminating the risk of me going all T1000 during the dessert course.

In custom configurations reaching $US75,000, the NitroCream N2-G4 is available to both restaurant kitchens and those who own kitchens that rival restaurants'. [NitroCream via Bornrich]

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