Magic Ring Allows You to Control Every Gadget Remotely, No Buttons Needed

I couldn't believe it either, but this ring—called Yubi-nya—will allow you to remote control any device just using your fingers. And yes, it has the shape of a cat face. For good reason, I'm sure.

According to researcher Saori Noda—who works for Denso Corporation, a big automotive electronics supplier in Japan—they are "working to make it smaller and less noticeable." This doesn't explain why they decided to make it the shape of a big honkin' cat face, but sounds good enough to us.

The device can detect tiny electrical currents going around the body. To work, it generates a current that goes into the index finger. When you press your finger and thumb together, the ring detects a closed circuit and interprets it as a signal, sending a device a control order wirelessly.

According to Noda, this could be used to control any kind of device without touching it, including phones, music players, cars, and whatever you can imagine. [Pink Tentacle]

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