MacBook Pro Graphics Issue Could Be Due to Faulty Fan Speed

Let's not storm the Nvidia gates with our torches and pitchforks just yet, folks, because today we learned that the MacBook Pro graphics issue could be due to a cooling problem.

Again, nothing's confirmed just yet, but preliminary testing has shown users who artificially set the MacBook Pro's cooling fan to 3,000rpm eliminate the screen burn-in issue we told you about earlier this week.

One MacBook Pro user, posting a reply in the Apple Support Forum, said the fans are intended to run at 2,000rpm until default conditions, and then spool up to 3,500 when high-temperature conditions kick in. You know, like what happens when you're using a GPU like the Nvidia 9600M.

That said, the MacBook Pro is having a little trouble getting it up, so to speak, and remains at about 2,050rpm when the temps rise to the point where the screen begins to flake out. That's bad.

What's good is this seems like a simple software fix, at least from the sound of this latest discussion. [Slashgear]

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