Lotto Turm: Play the Lottery with Naked Lifeguards and Classy Hookers

Constructing a building to be bigger and taller is overrated. But constructing a "building"—which is just 55 shipping crates stacked on top of each other—with a unique design is apparently all the rage these days.

Designer Lars Behrendt's newest project—Lotto Turm—is to revamp the "Oesterreichischer Platz," which is currently a parking spot in Stuttgart (Southern Germany), isolated by surrounding highways.

The new structure will be made from 55 shipping crates being stacked on top of each other, with a spherical roof that will mainly serve as a lottery-number-drawing area. The buiding will also be split in two so that at least one section of the structure will be secluded from traffic and other outside noises. Not much else is known about the project, but from the pictures, it looks like there will be many levels connected by stairs, roomy terraces, a colorful courtyard, a lengthy swimming pool—with a naked lifeguard—and what's that I see? A nicely dressed escort in the love room or red-light district? You had me at naked lifeguards. Woohoo! [Design Boom]

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