Lost Snowboarder Found Alive in the Alps via Phone GPS, Twitter

Some snowboarders got lost in the alps. The guy with the iPhone, Jason Tavaria, used the phone's GPS to aid his rescue. Tragically, his friend did not make it.

Rescuers found the second lost person's body at the bottom of a +60 foot fall next to a stream. The lost snowboarders' friends kept in touch via twitter. It appears that while these skiers and snowboarders went off piste, none of them carried any sort of radio or satellite personal locator beacons, like the moderately priced SPOT. I mean, if you're in the back country, chances are your mobile reception isn't so great. The guy with the iPhone got off lucky being pretty close to a resort. Although the GPS function in any phone would work well in an open area to get someone reoriented. Either way, be safe during these storms, friends. [Scotsman, thisislondon]

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