LG Launches Blu-ray Home Theatre Package For $1,599

LG Blu-ray home theatre.jpgI'm actually really drawn to the design of LG's new Blu-ray Home Theatre in a Box solution. Maybe I'm just a sucker for stylish curves, but I think I'd consider buying this if I didn't already own a Blu-ray player and a kick-ass receiver...The HB954WA is a 5.1 channel, 1000W home theatre system which comes complete with an integrated Blu-ray player. And like the BD370 Blu-ray player before it, this setup is both BD Profile 2.0, with the ability to watch YouTube clips direct from the Blu-ray player.

There's 1080p upscaling for your DVDs, an included iPod dock, and DivX playback via USB. Perhaps one disappointing spec is that there's only two HDMI inputs, and in todays world of HD games consoles and media streamers, that's just not going to cut it.

But as far as specs and design goes, this looks like a tasty little package, given the $1,599 RRP. They'll hit stores in April, if you're after an all in one HD home theatre solution.


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