Leica's S2 Is What You Get When You Crossbreed a Tank With a 37-Megapixel Pro Camera

Sorry to already shatter your expectations. An exception to the mostly mainstream camera gear we're scoping today is this working prototype of Leica's super-high-end S2 DSLR, a spartan tank of a 37-megapixel camera.

It's heavy, like a piece of war equipment, and feels like its built to withstand aerial bombardment—though it's supposedly a bit lighter than Canon's pro camera 1Ds Mark III. Its sensor size is not quite medium format, but it falls in that range—way bigger than the 35mm-size full-frame pro cameras like the 1Ds or Nikon's D3. It's for studio pros who need massive sensors and megapixels, and will have an accordingly ridiculous pro price.

What I love about it is the interface and design—the back is absolutely barren compared to most cameras, with just a dial, a switch and four buttons for its quadrant-style menu system. Each button dives into a single section, where you adjust the relevant settings. Another neat touch is the focusing setup. Hold the shutter down halfway as usual to auto-focus, but if you want to switch manual, you don't have to slide a toggle—just turn the focus ring.

It's coming out later this summer for a pro photographer or super-rich guy near you. But it's always nice to window shop, yeah?

PMA is an annual show where we get to see tomorrow's digital cameras—the ones that'll be populating pockets and purses for the rest of the year. We'll be here for the next couple of days.

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