Japanese Shower Cap Claims to Regrow Hair at the Cost of Dignity

Laugh all you want. But there's a balding guy reading this right now who can't help but to hear the whole pitch. (I'm with you, buddy! Let's do this!)

You've tried pills. (ICK!) You've tried topical treatments. (OUCH!) You've even tried sacrificing your first child to Aphrodite in hopes of a hair blessing. (OOPS!)

Now, for just $US90 (that's just ten payments of under $US10) you can regrow the hair on top of your head (or anywhere else!). Japanese scientists have discovered that the root of all hair loss is the clogged hair pathways in your skin. This uniquely engineered rubber shower cap captures shower water in such a way that it steams your scalp, allowing hair through.

Operators are standing by, but they might not speak English. So you'd better just order this one through the website. [Hair Doctor via Tokyo Mango]

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